Pet Loss Support Resources

The idea for Let Your Love Grow came out of our grief.  We experienced the loss of pets throughout the years. However, the most profound impact was the death of our dachshund as a result of a coyote attack in our front yard. We believe that we can help others through their grief journey by sharing pet loss support resources we’ve found through personal experience.

Our story is not much different from any other when it comes to loss. The horrific attack occurred and we did everything in our power to save our Silke. She fought a brave fight for almost 18 months after the attack. She survived several surgeries and therapy treatments. However, in the end it was too much for her little five-pound body. As we struggled with our grief, we realized we needed pet loss support.

Devastation and Grief

When Silke died, we had no idea that there was such a thing as pet loss support, much less pet hospice and pet grief counselors. We walked the grief journey alone, somewhat ashamed of how grief stricken we were. We were sure that no one understood our pain. In the eyes of many of our friends, it was just a dog. Several friends thought that pet loss support meant we should just get another dog. Others thought that we should be relieved that she was gone and we no longer had to care for her injuries. How little they understood.

Our Silke was not a burden. She was our family, our child.

In the end, we found that true pet loss support is much more than well meaning friends and family. It is a community that supports each of us when we lose that beloved pet.

Pet Loss Support Resources

We hope you find these pet loss support resources helpful when it comes to navigating your own grief journey.  It’s never easy, but knowing you’re not alone can be a huge help.

If there’s anything you don’t see here that interests you, please let us know.