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    from ashes to life

    Let Your Love Grow is an eco-friendly product that converts ash from harmful to life giving.

  • cremated ashes

    memorial out of ashes

    Let Your Love Grow mixed with the cremated ashes from your beloved pet or person creates a living memorial to them.

  • pet loss, pet death

    when a pet dies

    You struggle with the death. Let Your Love Grow allows you to create a remembrance planting to express your love.

Remembrance Flower

What is a Remembrance Planting?

When we grieve, many of us yearn to have something we can see and touch to remind us of the one who is no longer here. You have cremated ashes but you want to do something more with them. While nothing could ever replace that life, choosing a planting for your home or garden is a powerful way to remember that special bond. A tree or plant is a living memorial – a way to express love that has not ended with death. When nourished by the cremated ashes, something extraordinary happens to the plant. It becomes a living symbol of a special life.

Sisters Walking Together

Why Use Let your Love Grow?

Cremated ash is harmful to plant life. The high pH of cremated ash does not allow for the beneficial nutrients within to become available for plant life. In addition, the excessively high sodium (salt) content of cremated ash can damage the plant. The only solution is Let your Love grow, a specially formulated organic mixture that lowers the pH and dilutes the harmful sodium (salt). Regular soil and potting soil will not naturally lower the pH. Learn more

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