Olivia’s Funny Horses

I’ve always wanted a horse to ride, but I never knew that a horse could be so entertaining. Whether you’re on their backs or off, our horses are really funny. First of all, they never stop being hungry! Whenever one of them sees us with any sort of food, whether it’s hay or grain, they come right to the fence. One of our horses, Mojo, even lets out this low nicker. Even on trail rides, they’ll try to grab a leaf off a tree here or there. We’ve definitely gotten smacked in the face with tree branches a few times as a result. Another funny thing that they do is play in the water. When we take them down to the lake, they wade into the water up to their knees. Then they splash around with their front feet. By the time we get back home, we’re not usually dry, but it’s worth it. Having horses is really special for us!




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