My Prince is Just a “good-ole-boy”

pet loss, pet grief

Royal is a seven-year-old-Arabian mix that my daughter just loves. He is gentle and kind with a smooth gait. He likes to ride in the brush and eat anything that gets close to his mouth. Despite his fancy name, Royal acts like a ‘good-ole-boy’ and will roll around in any dirt pile available. He loves to have his chest brushed and doesn’t even complain when having his tail braided for the tenth time. Royal thinks that the ‘royal treatment’ involves apples and a mud bath, it is rare to see him looking white and not brown. We love our Royal!

  1. Ashmel says

    I’m sure that you are just grieving over your lost pet, and that is to be eepectxd. I agree with the others, that it’s just a body the spirit is where all animals go, and I prefer that they go to heaven, as we do. I am so sorry for your loss,as I have been there also, and I don’t know what your situation is with other pets, but I personally would not wait a very long time to get another one. It will make your grieving much easier to handle no a new one will not take the place of the one that you lost ( you will always remember that one) but you will find one that you will love just as much , and it will be a big help in the grieving process!!! Bless you!!!


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