Mafu’s New Home

Our lives recently took an unexpected turn, when we inherited a Bichon Frise that had wandered into our friend’s home.  After months of trying to track down who this little guy belonged to it was determined by the vets in our town that he needed a home. Our pets had always been Golden Retrievers. We liked big dogs and the gentle manner of the retriever made him an indoor pet. Since we had recently lost our Golden, our neighbors immediately brought this very cute, little ball of fluff to us. We weren’t sure. Was it too soon to add a new member to the family? Did we want to adopt a breed we had little knowledge of? Well, of course, once Mafu was in the house, there was no question we were in love. He follows me around, keeps my husband who is retired company when I’m out of the house and definitely adds to our quality of life . . . he still occasionally wanders down the street and into the home of the family who first found him, but he continues to come home.



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