The Cat Who Slept On My Head

I am so glad that you developed this wonderful product. I wish it had been around 15 years ago when we had to put our sweet Bogey cat to sleep. We were in the process of moving to Florida and Bogey was very sick. Our friends, who were a husband and wife veterinary team, were very supportive when it came time to euthanize and dispose of Bogey’s remains. I was naïve and didn’t realize what I wanted to do with the ashes and just left them with the crematory. I remember crying as I was sitting on the floor of our house as movers carried all the furniture and boxes out the door. Besides moving away from dear friends, I was leaving behind my beloved Bogey, who used to sleep at the top of my head in the winter to keep me warm. If only, Let Your Love Grow had been developed, I could have used a bit of his ashes when repotting all the of the house pants that he loved to hide in the middle of when stalking his imaginary prey.



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