What is a Living Memorial?

Simply put, a living memorial is the way to honor, remember, and carry on a legacy. This may be as simple as planting in a special location, creating a beautiful garden, enhancing an existing landscape or planting in an indoor container.

Many people choose living memorials because they provide an opportunity to interact. Memorial parks and gardens offer the opportunity to find comfort and beauty.

Memorial Plantings

One of the more popular ways to memorialize a life is to create a memorial planting. This may be done by planting a tree, bush, or flowers in a meaningful location.

A remembrance planting is created by using the cremated ashes of a loved one to nourish the plant. There is a common misconception that by placing the cremated ashes under or around a new or existing plant, the cremated ashes will contribute to the growth of the planting. In fact, cremated ashes are stable and do not allow for the release of the valuable plant nutrients for the living memorial.

Instead of nurturing these plants, untreated cremated ashes will actually kill surrounding vegetation.

Advantages of a Living Memorial

A living memorial isn’t right for everyone.  But many people find them to be a great fit when it comes to remembering their loved ones.  Here are a few advantages we often hear:

  • Completes the Life Cycle – For many, creating a living memorial seems like a logical completion of the life cycle.  Returning their loved ones to nature allows their loved one to live on.
  • A Place to Remember – A living memorial still allows family and friends a place to visit and remember a loved one.  But instead of going to a cemetery, they can visit the tranquility of nature.
  • Personal – Living memorials are highly personal.  You can choose whatever plant and location is right for you and your loved one.
  • Transportable – Depending on the living memorial you choose, you may be able to easily transport it if you or your family moves in the future.  Transportation is far harder with more traditional burial.

Creating a Living Memorial

Creating a living memorial is actually a very simple process.

  1. Select a plant appropriate for your climate and situation
  2. Mix the appropriate amount of cremated ashes with Let Your Love Grow
  3. Plant this mixture along with your chosen plant
  4. Water healthily

That’s it!  You now have a living memorial to honor your loved one.

See how easy it is to create a living memorial, watch this video.

Learn More About Living Memorials

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If you still have questions, please let us know.  We’re always happy to help out.