What You Need To Know Before Choosing Pet Cremation Part 2 of 3

Before agreeing to any service, be sure that you have received a written description of the service options offered  by the cremation company. In addition to this, be sure that the crematory actually issues a written guarantee that you will receive your pet’s remains and not just  a certificate stating that your pet was cremated.  Oddly enough, very few companies guarantee the remains you receive are actually your pet, opting instead to certify only that your pet was cremated.

Read all of the fine print, and know that if the language on the cremation certificate does not certify anything other than the fact that your pet was cremated, it is recommended you look elsewhere in your time of need.  Don’t be afraid to request a sample copy of the company’s cremation certificate beforehand so that you are able to make sure that the authenticity of the cremation service guarantees what you have in mind. Many unscrupulous service providers rely on your blind trust and assumptions to get away with unsavory, and in extreme cases, fraudulent business practices.

Another important aspect for consideration are the associations to which a cremation provider belongs. Many do not belong to any at all, or are completely inactive in an association… (to be continued)

About the Author

David Remkus

David Remkus is a Vice President of Hinsdale Animal Cemetery and Crematory in Willowbrook, Illinois. David is accredited by the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance as a Certified Pet Loss Professional, and also holds a certification in Pet Loss Companioning from the Center for Loss in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Remkus family has owned and operated Hinsdale Animal Cemetery and Crematory since 1950.



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