The Loss Of A Family Pet: A Rainbow Bridge For Gus

A Rainbow Bridge for Gus

Often we get questions about how to talk to children about the loss of a family pet. This is never an easy conversation, but a very important conversation. Many times this is the first time a child will experience the heartache of a loss. It may be easier to approach this subject by sharing a story or book about the loss of a family pet.  We would like to introduce you to a wonderful book, “A Rainbow Bridge for Gus”, written by Barb Bareis Rigabar.  It is a heartwarming story of little Gracie as she remembers the life of her best friend, Gus.  This book celebrates the unique bond a family has with their beloved pet. It will help you understand that the pain and loss you and your children are experiencing is normal and very real. Here is an excerpt from “A Rainbow Bridge for Gus”.

I was so sad when Gus left us.” Gracie said with teary eyes.  “Me too,” he said. “It’s sad for us because we miss Gus so much, but it’s not sad for him. I like to think of Gus across the Rainbow Bridge in heaven. He isn’t old and tired or sick anymore. Gus is healthy and happy.  He has lots of friends to play with there.”

“Right after we said goodbye to Gus at the park, we saw a beautiful rainbow, remember? I know it was Gus’s Rainbow Bridge!” She said with excitement. Gracie’s dad smiled. “Now when I see a rainbow, I’ll remember how much I loved Gus. He will always be in my heart,” she grinned.

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