The Cycle of Life…Let Your Love Grow

We’re very excited to have been recently featured on blog in the article The Cycle of Life…Let Your Love Grow.  You can read part of the post here and see the rest at

The Cycle of Life…Let Your Love Grow

As devastating as it will be, I know that someday Dash will no longer be with me.  Hopefully, since he is only 6, that won’t happen anytime soon.

When I was at the BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta, I came across a company that tries to make dealing with pet loss a little easier on the soul.  Let Your Love Grow offers a true, living memorial of your pet.

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Bob Jenkins

Bob is co-founder and owner of Verde Products Inc. and Let Your Love Grow, an organic solution for cemeteries to offer a green solution for burial and cremation. He oversees the daily operations, sales, marketing, business and product development. You can find Bob on Google+.



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