Puppy Mills And Cancer, Oh My!

Mom and Dad seem a little serious since they came back from BarkWorld. They talk a lot about things I don’t quite understand.

“Oh, Wait, No, Gracie, I wouldn’t say talk, they are almost whispering like they don’t want us to hear what they are saying.’

Annie, stop interrupting me. I am trying to write MY blog.

“Listen to me. I know how to make it more interesting.”

Stop. It says “Gracie’s Blog”. Quit butting in.

“I am worried too. When they think I am snoozing, I hear Mom and Dad talking about cancer and puppy mills.”

As Annie says, they were talking about puppy mills. I was confused about what that is. I mean, I think puppies are great. I was once one myself. And, I’m not sure what a mill is, but I hear people talk about Purina Mills. I know they can’t be bad, they feed horses and cows and pigs and chickens.

“Gracie, you are so naïve. Puppy mills are bad. We can’t even imagine what growing up in an environment like that is like. Imagine Mom and Dad ignoring us and not getting any carrots or food or . . . tomatoes. I hear them say it’s inhumane.”

Annie, you make me shiver. I can’t imagine growing up in that environment. Did you hear them say what we can do?

“I heard something about ASPCA, whatever that is. Can you do web addresses, because I know they said that there is a lot of great information at aspca.org/fight-animal-cruelty?  They also talked about a movie called, “Madonna of the Mills – A Labor of Love”.  They say you can watch it online at madonnaofthemills.com It is about a woman who dedicates her life to saving dogs from horrific puppy mills.”

Oh, Annie, I don’t think that we better look at this. We’ll have nightmares. Thank goodness, Mom and Dad adopted us from a reputable breeder. However, I hope all pet parents read this and try to help out all these poor puppies and their moms and dads too.

I’m not sure that I even want to know if you heard them say what cancer was.

“Of course I did. Occasionally, I listen to more than my stomach. It is a terrible disease that hits cats and dogs just like humans. Fortunately, Mom and Dad met a woman in Atlanta at BarkWorld who is trying to get the word out to parents of pets.”

Is that the woman who is involved in 2million dogs?

“Yep, that’s the one.”

They have a website, it is 2milliondogs.org. Look, Annie, they have a page that list the Early Warning Signs. Something about Learn the 10 L’s. Lesions, lumps, loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy are just a few of the signs,

“Wow, thank heavens Mom and Dad take care of us. I’m glad that they pay attention to our needs. We’re very lucky.”

Yes, Annie, we are lucky.

Mom and Dad’s Note: Yes, Annie and Gracie are lucky as are we. Our family is full of love and food and warmth and health. However, we found that is not the case for many pets. While at BarkWorld, we heard several speakers who touched us. We hope that you will go to their websites, aspca.org/fight-animal-cruelty, madonnaofthemills.com and 2milliondogs.org to learn more. We believe you will be glad that you did.


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