Pete – The Patrol Cat


The Patrol Cat

A moments rest for the weary

I must be quick. I need to make this post before the humans find that I have hacked into their system.

My name’s Pete, I’m a three-legged feline that patrols this neck of the woods (literally, there are woods all around us). I’ve heard my humans refer to me as a domestic short-haired, but I prefer feline.

It has taken me a few weeks to find my opportunity. I have waited in the tall grass, which humans call “ornamental”. What could possibly make them think that grass is ornamental? It’s functional … Oh, sorry, I digress. It sometimes happens. My partner, Buster, tells me that I have to learn to stay on topic.

Anyway, as I was saying, I’ve been biding my time until I could find the right moment to get in here and tell you the true story of my neighborhood. Those dachshunds, Annie and Gracie, want you to think that they own the neighborhood, but they’re wrong. Oh, they yap and cause a commotion when they see a deer or other woodland creature, but it is Buster and I that patrol the manicured lawns and woodlands all around and work hard to keep the peace.

Occasionally, we have to make a kill – but it’s only for food or as a public service. Buster informs me that I must give Annie credit, she’s an excellent ratter. She goes after moles and other vermin with such glee you’d swear she was feline. The other, Gracie, doesn’t like to get her nails dirty.

My time is running short, I hear the humans moving around. I must hit the post button before they find out that I have infiltrated.

I promise that I will post again. The truth will out . . .

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