My Kitnapping Experience

Sorry that I’ve been out of touch recently. It’s very time consuming keeping this neighborhood safe from all the wildlife that seems to want to set up camp here in our little corner of the world. Buster and I have been patrolling and I know Annie is doing her part because any time a squirrel or a deer or a person, a UPS truck, whatever, comes near she’s barking.

But, truth be told, I’ve been away for a bit because of a misunderstanding. It all started a few days ago during my last patrol before heading home for a day of sleep. I checked on a group of school kids at the bus stop (you never know when a deer might decide to check out what’s in a backpack).

A cute little six-year-old thought she needed to save me. I know. Hard to believe that a human would think that I needed rescuing. However, six-year-olds are so naïve. Anyway, one minute I’m checking on everyone’s safety. The next – I’m being scooped up in the arms of a child and carried onto the bus.

I squirmed, I twisted, all the while tried not to hurt this innocent. Nothing worked. I was on a school bus with lots of small humans riding to school. I plotted my escape as they headed into school. However, the bus driver foiled it. He was a good guy and took me to his house until he sorted out where I lived.

My humans tell me that lots of good Samaritans helped get me home. My naturally out going personality makes me known to all – neighbors and visitors who like to walk our hills alike. They helped my humans piece together my abduction (innocent, I know, but I still had to go against my will) and get me home.

Anyway, to shorten this story, my humans proved to the bus driver that they lived in my house and I was needed. He returned me shortly after that conversation and I have been careful to stay away from the bus stop during my patrol. I guess everything ends well, but I am still a little miffed that I had to endure all of this.


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