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Hello, my name is Gracie.  I’m the one that my sister Annie calls prissy.  Well, some of that may be true. I am a silver dapple dachshund.  You see, mom and dad adopted me first and while they were visiting me, they brought out Annie, which wasn’t her name at the time.  All she did was whine – drove me crazy!  If I had to pick a name, it would have been Annie Whinedog! Anyway, mom and dad brought me home and then thought that I needed a play mate so they adopted Annie a month later.  I wasn’t too wild about it at first but eventually we became fast buddies and sisters!  Mom and dad had a dachshund before us and her name was Silke!  She trained mom and dad really well.  She now has a living memorial tree from her ashes and Let Your Love Grow in our front yard!

I guess I am a little prissy.  I don’t like the wind.  When the wind blows, I can’t see it or hear it and I don’t like wind on my face so I crouch down on the ground when I have to go outside and forget what I’m supposed to do while I’m out there!  But, mom and dad always remind me so I get my business done and run back in the house as fast as I can!  I also don’t like the rain, snow or pretty much being outside unless it’s a sunny day with no wind.  I’m perfectly content being a house dog.  On the other hand, Annie would live outside with the wild and eat out of the garden all the time! I don’t even like to go for walks.  Mom and dad try to take me for walks but I can only go as far as our driveway or the neighbor’s driveway and then I freeze up.  What if they don’t know how to get back home?  I would miss my beds!

During the day while dad is in the office working, Annie and I follow the sun around the house.  We both love to lay in the sun.  In the mornings when we lay by the front door to get some sun and we get to greet all the kids coming down the street to catch that big yellow bus that takes them away for the day and then returns them later… haven’t quite figured that one out yet.  Sometimes, they stop by on the way home and play with us and give us treats!  We like that.

Sun  bathing

I love to wear jewelry!  I have my own pearl necklace and it’s pink!  Just like my favorite bed that I have in the kitchen by the fireplace.  Life is good here!

Sitting pretty

Oh well!  I’ve rambled too long.  I knew Annie and the annoying cat, Pete made a post so I felt that I should too.  I look forward to blogging again soon and hope you like my posts and if you would, leave me a comment or two so I can beat Annie and Pete!

Thanks – Gracie

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