Annie & Gracie’s Introductory Post

Greetings everyone and welcome to our blog! My name is Annie and I am a chocolate dapple dachshund and I have a sister, Gracie. She is a silver dapple dachshund and loves her jewelry. We are 11 years  young and live with our pet parents Bob and Annette Jenkins, the creators of Let Your Love Grow,  in Wildwood, Missouri.


We wanted to start a blog because we have so much to tell everyone!  First – mom, dad, Gracie and I were interviewed by Heidi Glaus and photojournalist Randy Schwentker from the local NBC affiliate, KSDK, for a feature story about our company, Let Your Love Grow.  Once our story airs, we will post it here so stay tuned.  Here’s a picture of Heidi, dad, Randy and mom.

KSDK Friends

In our blog we will share lots of good stories about all of our friends and neighbors. We have two legged, four legged and yes we even have a three legged friend – more on that later! I love to be outside but mom and dad won’t let me be alone because there are some wild animals around here.  As a matter of fact, mom and dad’s first dachshund, Silke, was outside doing her “business” when a coyote attacked her!  We’ll talk about Silke as we move forward but she was the inspiration for the Let Your Love Grow.  Mom and dad really loved her!  When I’m outside I love to visit the garden because mom and dad have tomato plants just for me, at least that’s what I think.  I go out every day and check the crop and then I eat them right off the plants!  YUM!  Gracie isn’t much into gardening, it’s not foo foo enough for her!  She would rather lay in her posh bed and have mom and dad toss her tomatoes!  Of course, I don’t pass up an opportunity to eat those, too!


You can meet us here and we will talk about all sorts of things, from our love of tomatoes to chasing the squirrels and the deer!  We look forward to making many new friends and hope that you visit us often.  And oh yeah – don’t forget to purchase some Let Your Love Grow so mom and dad can keep the tomatoes growing!


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