Not sure how you want to create your remembrance planting? Take inspiration from what others are doing. The following are people who turned to Let Your Love Grow to help them create lasting memorials from the cremated ashes of their loved ones. These remembrance plantings honor the lives of those who have died.

I met Malibu in September of 2001 as one of a litter of four kittens.  Dr. King at Concord Animal Hospital helped me say good-bye to my first cat, Missy just 2 weeks earlier.  When I went to Concord that night I came to visit the litter, his siblings were busy trying to attract my attention when I detected a louder purr and realized the kitten trying to disappear into the wall was the ’cause’.

A few days later and still without a name, he joined his sister (Sheba) as we made our first trip to their new home.  The next day I had to return to Concord because I noticed little fleas popping on both of them and when I loaded them into a carrier Sheba was not happy and began to cry.  Before we arrived at Concord, she settled down after her brother cuddled up next to her in the carrier and had a protective paw around her.  I knew that he would have a calming effect on both of us so his name came from the calming effect of seeing the Pacific ocean each morning on my drive thru Malibu Canyon on my way to graduate school.

Months later, my oldest niece bestowed him with his nickname — Love Bug.  Malibu loved to sit in my lap and having my arms around him wasn’t always enough human contact … he had to also have one of his paws on my arm.  He slept with me every night and when I started working from home a couple of years ago, he was my constant companion in my home office — sleeping peacefully on top of the bed behind me.  Malibu loved being outside … we would sit out in the back yard when the weather was nice and he made “the rounds” — wandering in my flower beds and then down the side walk to the gate at the alley just to stare at anything that caught his attention.

Following 2 seizures, I had to say goodbye to him 16 years and 8 months later.  Sitting in my lap the entire way back to Concord, I’m sure he knew what was happening — only becoming a little agitated when we walked in the door.  In typical style, he hissed loudly at the staff and Dr. King until he settled on my lap for the final time.

Thanks to Let your Love Grow and Bob & Annette Jenkins, Malibu remains with me in spirit as a newly planted Dynamite Red Crepe Myrtle — in one of my flower beds in the back yard.


- Cathy Ebbesmeyer

We very much wanted to create a living memorial by planting a small tree in our lovely garden where Maisy loved to play when she was a young dog and rest in the shade and potter about when she got older.  I felt that by planting a Spring blossom tree in remembrance of Maisy it would help with the healing process and give us as a family a beautiful reminder of her life and all the happy times she gave us.   Maisy’s tree has brought us joy through all seasons; a cloud of really beautiful white blossoms in the Spring, Summer green, fiery Autumn colours, and bare branches with red buds through Winter. A year has passed and her tree gives me such comfort, a living memorial to our beautiful girl who has left so many happy memories for us.

- Sarah Williamson

Winter is on its way and I want to plant a tree for our dogs Nandi and Jake. After sending an inquiry to the info account about shipping times, I was surprised to get a direct response from the company President, Bob Jenkins. I shop online quite a bit and this has never, ever happened to me before. He was genuinely concerned with finding a solution to my problem and helped me choose the appropriate size and shipping. He personally made sure the shipment went out that day so it would get to me in time. We spoke on the phone and I was very impressed with his caring and genuine manner. I can’t wait to get my package tomorrow, so we can plant a memory tree for our sweetheart, goofball, pain in the butt dogs this weekend.

- Amber Bracken

Thank you for your product I was able to obtain through Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematorium in Loveland, Colorado. Today I planted a 6 foot evergreen tree in my backyard in honor of my 13-year old German Shepherd, Heidi. Even though I lost her last October, I had to wait until this summer to plant the tree I wanted, but today I was able to complete my last duty, my last respects to her. She will now be living again in her tree, where I will be able to see her every day. It is hard to express how much our pets mean to us, but you’ve helped with the grieving and healing process. The folks at Rainbow Bridge were absolutely fantastic in helping me, and their recommendation of your product was obviously a good one.

Heidi's Evergreen


- Kory Nelson

I lost my friend and companion my chocolate lab, Vegas in September. I found Vegas when she was only a few weeks old when someone had dumped her in a ditch. I brought the starving puppy home and she stole my heart! I soon realized she had been born blind. Vegas blessed my life for 8 years! Her earthly “dad” Bill Gillespie, loved her unconditionally. When we lost Bill two years ago to cancer, Vegas grieved with the rest of us. When I realized I was losing Vegas, I called Bob Jenkins and he and his wife, Annette helped me plan a way to memorialize this sweet dog. Loving Hearts Pet Memorial Services in Eureka, MO cremated Vegas and prepared her ashes so that I could lay her to rest with her dad at the cemetery. We spread Vegas’ ashes on Bill’s grave using Let Your Love Grow. Vegas is now running and playing in Heaven and is reunited with Bill. Loving Hearts Pet Memorial Services also made me a clay memento of Vegas’ footprint. Saying good-bye to my Vegas was made easier by being able to create a living memorial for Vegas using Let Your Love Grow.  Always in my heart and my memories. Thank you Let Your Love Grow!     Vegas LYLGSpreading VegasVegas

- Peggy Gillespie

Brittany, aka Bit Bit, was my beautiful Springer Spaniel and best friend for 13 wonderful years. She loved car rides, people and loved giving hugs when I was sad. My sister also became very attached to her and Bit Bit was there whenever we needed a hug or a friend to listen to us. When I had her cremated in 2006 I couldn’t take her remains quite yet; so my sister held on to them until 2011 when I was ready. She was sitting in my curio cabinet until I found out about Let Your Love Grow organic mixture. Doing this memorial gave me peace and happiness that our Bit Bit is nurturing a memorial plant, one for my home and another for my sister’s home.  Brittany is still giving but now in a different way.

Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful way to keep her spirit and beauty alive.



- Kim Atchley

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Riley was part of our family for 12 years. When she died we wanted her final resting spot to be somewhere special. She loved visiting the family farm and running around outside to explore all the new smells and sights. I liked the idea of having a living memorial to remember Riley. Let your love grow was the perfect solution. We buried her ashes at the farm and planted a rose bush next to a small white cross to always remember her happy care free days.

Thanks for giving us the option of a living memorial for our beloved family dog.


- Sandy and Mark Sullivan

pet loss, pet death

Ozzie was our beloved black lab. He was with us for 14 years, long enough and dear enough to become a part of our extended family. Our daughters grew up with him and our grandchildren loved him. He had such a gentle nature. Ozzie loved going to our property on the lake and got to spend the last year of his life at our new lake home. We chose to hold Ozzie’s memory close by planting a tree in our yard at the lake (Dogwood, of course). Ozzie will live on as part of that tree as we chose to mix some of his ashes with the Let Your Love Grow organic mixture. The flowering Dogwood will be nurtured by Ozzie’s spirit and substance. It will be a great and beautiful tree.

- John and Karen Ancy