Sherry Yarkosky – Plant and Soil Scientist

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASherry Yarkosky is our plant and soil specialist. It was Sherry’s understanding of pH and minerals on the anatomy of the root system that made her invaluable to the development of Let Your Love Grow organic medium.

She received a Bachelor of Science in both Biology and Chemistry from Illinois College and a Master’s degree in Science in Biological Sciences from Southern Illinois University with a thesis pertaining to the affects of low pH and heavy metals on the anatomy of the root system.

Her education continued with Doctoral work in the plant department at Washington University (in St. Louis, MO), working on a project dealing with environmental stresses and its effect on the DNA in various plant populations. She left the program to work at Peabody Coal Company in both their engineering and environmental departments. The emphasis of this job was to monitor the effect of the coal mining process on the plant growth of new and old areas of the surface mine.

Sherry also worked at St. Louis University isolating proteins and ribosomal RNA (RNA codes for proteins) in bone cancer cells in an attempt to identify any part of the protein and/or the ribosomal RNA that was a characteristic of the cancerous cells but not found in normal bone cells. She currently is employed as an Analytical Chemist and mapping specialist for KSI laboratory, bringing 28 years of experience working in the field of plant and soil chemistry.

Sherry was the manager of the lab that did our plant and soil testing.  We immediately connected!  She is a dedicated scientist and she immediately understood the value of what we were attempting to create.  Her weekly involvement includes guidance of proper soil sampling technique, reviewing test results and recommendations for proper application of products based on sample data.  She believes in our mission so much that she and her husband are our partners.