Dr. David Carter – Professor of Forensic Science

David CarterDr. David Carter joined our team to help understand the processes which our organic mixtures use to make the nutrients in cremated ash available to plants.

Dr. Carter is the Assistant Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics as well as Director of Forensic Sciences and Associate Professor of Forensic Science at Chaminade University of Honolulu. He earned a Master of Science in forensic archaeology from Bournemouth University, UK, and a doctorate from James Cook University, Australia. Dr. Carter investigates postmortem microbiology and the processes associated with cadaver decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems with a focus on the fate of carbon and nutrients.

Dr. Carter became a member of our team after Dr. Haskell introduced us. Dr. Haskell knew that for us to accomplish our goals we needed someone that was very knowledgeable about soils.  Dr. Carter is widely respected in his field and is an extremely valuable asset to us in our ongoing research.