Bob Jenkins – Co-founder and President

Bob JenkinsBob Jenkins is co-founder and owner of Verde Products Inc. and Let Your Love Grow.  Bob and his wife, Annette, founded Let Your Love Grow as a result of their need to pay tribute to their beloved Silke.

He oversees the daily operations, sales, marketing, business and product development.  A graduate of Kentucky School of Mortuary Science, Bob has over 37 years of experience in funeral service. In that time he’s done everything from managing funeral homes, crematories and cemetery properties to building sales territories and managing sales teams for two nationally recognized funeral service companies.  Bob has consulted with many cemeteries and funeral homes in both the pet and human markets throughout the U.S. to instruct staff on presentation and education of products and services to help consumers make an informed decision during this difficult task they have been faced with.

Bob has been active in the pet industry since 2006.  He has traveled across the U.S. and worked with many pet cemeteries and crematories to learn more about their operations so the products produced by Verde Products Inc. truly fit their needs.  Bob and Annette both are members of two international associations for pet death care providers, Pet Loss Professional Alliance (PLPA) and International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC).  Bob has been very active in developing a product for the human market that is available now.  He is currently working on a natural transition system that will organically reduce a human body into organic matter for those that want to return to the earth naturally.