Our Team

cremated ashes

Our community of experts has helped make Let Your Love Grow what it is today. We are very fortunate to have these extraordinary people working with us.

They represent a wealth of knowledge about things important to us, and, hopefully, to you as well. They help us understand dying, cope with death and develop a safe, effective way to combat the harmfully high sodium and pH levels in cremated ashes. They understand plant physiology, soil properties and what it means to be green.

These scientists, grief counselors, product and service providers are important to us and the work that we do. We hope as you come to know our community either through their participation on this site or their own sites that you find comfort, healing and knowledge.

Dr. Brian Melius – DVM

Dr. Brian Melius is our resident veterinarian.  Learn more about Brian Melius >>

Coleen Ellis – Certified Pet Loss Professional

She is a Certified in Thanatology and is a Certified Pet Loss Professional. Learn more about Coleen Ellis

Dr. Sarah Kiley Schoff – Anthropologist

Sarah is a biological anthropologist and practicing forensic anthropologist.  Learn more about Sarah Kiley Schoff

Bob Jenkins – Co-founder and President

Bob Jenkins is a co-founder and owner of Verde Products Inc. and Let Your Love Grow.  Learn more about Bob Jenkins >>

Jodi Clock – Certified Pet Loss Professional, Funeral Director, Author

Assurance. Manageable. Realistic. Just some of the words people say they want not only for themselves but for their parents when faced with thinking or even overseeing end-of-life issues.  Learn more about Jodi Clock >>

Sherry Yarkosky – Plant and Soil Scientist

Sherry Yarkosky is our plant and soil specialist.  Learn more about Sherry Yarkosky >>

Jim Wolterman – Landscape Architect

Jim Wolterman has extensive experience with organics and design and helped to develop the Let Your Love Grow planting medium.  Learn more about Jim Wolterman >>

Robert Ernst – Urban and Environmental Planner

Robert Ernst is an expert in land use and environmental planning.  Learn more about Robert Ernst >>

Dr. Neal Haskell – Forensic Entomologist

Dr. Neal Haskell is a world-renowned forensic entomologist and has helped us develop Let Your Love Grow.  Learn more about Neal Haskell >>

Dr. David Carter – Professor of Forensic Science

Dr. David Carter helped us understand the processes required to make cremated ashes helpful to nature.  Learn more about David Carter >>