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What is Let Your Love Grow?

Let Your Love Grow is an organic mixture that allows you to plant a living memorial to a loved one or beloved pet. Through its eco-friendly mixture, you can turn cremated ashes that are otherwise harmful to the earth into a nutrient-rich soil to create a loving, living memorial.

Our mixture naturally corrects the pH level, dilutes the sodium (salt) and releases nutrients that are otherwise locked into cremated ashes, allowing them to be taken up by plant roots. In this way your plant becomes something special – a remembrance planting that is intertwined with your loved one for many years to come.

Please watch this short video explaining how Let Your Love Grow works with human or pet ashes.

Why Was Let Your Love Grow Founded?

Several years ago we (Bob and Annette Jenkins, the founders of Let Your Love Grow) lived through a painful loss of our beloved pet Dachshund, Silke. Searching for the right way to remember the happiness Silke brought us, we struggled to find the perfect way to create a memorial to her.

We looked at various options, but found ourselves wanting to return her to Mother Nature and be a part of the landscape of our yard.  We chose this because Silke so loved being out in the sun, laying under the trees and enjoying all that was going on around her.

That’s when we decided to create Let Your Love Grow.

Here’s a photo of our Silke and her tree:

Silke and Her Tree

Why Did We Create This Website?

As we searched for ways to deal with our grief AND find a way to memorialize Silke, we realized that there was not one centralized place for us to find information on grief, dying, cremation, memorialization and other topics surrounding the death of a loved one. Because we have suffered as so many have, we wanted to offer a site where people could find answers, learn about resources and realize that they are not alone in this journey.

Our Mission

Simply put, Let Your Love Grow’s mission is to GIVE.

GIVE you a way to grieve, honor and express the time you had with your loved one.

GIVE your loved one the kind of respectful memorialization he or she deserves.

GIVE back to Mother Nature what she so lovingly and graciously lent to us.

We want to be a resource to help you through your loss in whatever way we can.

Let Your Love Grow creates a spiritual chemistry, a perpetual harmony – chemistry and harmony between life and death, between faith and science, between grief and celebration. It’s a way to honor and cherish the life of our loved ones and GIVE BACK to them and to the earth what we are so grateful to have known.

It renews the circle of life and completes the circle of love… by letting the love for those who have died grow.

Learn More About Living Memorials and Let Your Love Grow

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